About Us

  • UNITED GUARD, a leading Security Management agency founded in March 1997 and chartered to provide wide variety of clients with demonstrably superior security, safety, facility and risk management services, exceptional personnel and a single security resource for corporate, Industries, Hotels, Clubs, Co-operative Housing Societies, individuals and other Business Houses. UNITED is a comprehensive security solutions provider that offers “one stop shopping and innovative total security solutions”.
  • Today, UNITED GROUP not only provides security services but supplies electronic security equipments to an ever expanding list of clientele. Currently UNITED provides services throughout East UP and Bihar etc.
  • Since the life is not a rehearsal, the security has been the most burning concern of human existence at all levels, be it in the field of social, economical, industrial or political and such security threats are increasingly being met by private security agencies, to meet the growing needs for an effective and cost efficient security services, united under the dynamic leadership of our  Director, have been on fore front of addressing the security needs of a widest spectrum of clients by providing a truly comprehensive range of security, detective and facility management services.
  • A unique blend of knowledge, experience and a strong desire to provide the highest quality service possible assures each client, regardless of size, of a professionally managed security program. Our management team is comprised of professionals with a wide range of experience in Public Safety, law enforcement and in all aspects of both armed and unarmed private security. To maintain the highest quality and standards of services we hire the distinguished services of retired Professionals from the Defense/Paramilitary Force, Police and Home Guards. The entire spectrum of security services.
  • From a modest beginning to the existing strength of more than 450 Security Personnel stand as a testimony to our ability in our chosen field. As UNITED grows, our Total Quality Management (TQM) program ensures that we will maintain the level of service excellence we have worked so hard to achieve. Our TQM program also ensures that our customers will be completely satisfied with our highly qualitative cost efficient services without compromising on our core values of integrity, responsibility and having you and your properties safe and secure at all times. This is why we are enjoying a high client retention rate.